Hudson River Technologies joins the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce

March 10, 2020

Alex Ibarra met with Steve Bleier from the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce. We are new members and very excited to meet plenty of new folks in Dutchess county to expand our already diversified Tool Belt. With the Dutchess County Chamber network of members and events, Hudson River Technologies will have more reach. Hudson River Technologies has many clients in Dutchess County, but this offers a new avenue of communication to potential new clients.

Hudson River Technologies support reach goes well beyond the Hudson Valley, but since Kingston is our home base, we like to work locally first. As partnerships go, Dutchess County Chamber has been a great one. We have spoken to many folks interested in learning about Hudson River Technologies and what we do. The feedback has been wonderful. And speaking to these new clients we get a real sense of what they are missing when it comes to real IT support. There is far more dissatisfaction out there when they see what HRT offers and how we handle our personal client relationships. With that growth, we love to share our vision with our community. 2020 will be a big year for HRT and we look forward to it.