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HRT transitions on premises Microsoft Exchange Server and data to Office 365

A staffing company of over 50 users looks to retire their local email server to help satisfy pieces of their Disaster Recovery Policy and allow more remote users to work efficiently. The next logical step was to get their email services to a modern cloud system in Office 365.

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aerial view of People looking at a laptop screen

HRT sets up a new Hotel/Resort with Business and Guest Network and Wireless as well as infrastructure planning and vendor coordination

A new hotel needs proper infrastructure setup to allow high data flow speeds over a fiber network connecting multiple buildings together and allowing network management with ease

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Digital cords going into a technical dashboard of data

Hudson River Technologies moves an insurance company client to Virtualization and Hybrid backup solutions.

A long term client of HRT’s is looking to replace their local server network while maintaining inhouse control and maintenance. HRT comes up with a plan that will allow their requests to be fulfilled and plan for the future.

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Doctor sitting at desk looking at computer screen

Dental offices need HRT to transition them to modern hardware and equipment while maintaining a set plan for growth and expansion

Hudson River Technologies was tasked with transitioning multiple offices to new equipment and upgrading to Windows 10 on equipment that can handle that Operating System. All of this while maintaining operation of each office

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Metal pole with device on top for signal

Non-Profit needs internet where no ISP has infrastructure and the cost to run it would be over $100,000

HRT has been working with this Non-Profit for well over a decade. As the Non-Profit has grown, it has had a need in getting internet access to remote offices that they utilize for operations.

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