Overview: Hudson River Technologies was tasked with transitioning multiple offices to new equipment and upgrading to Windows 10 on equipment that can handle that Operating System. All of this while maintaining operation of each office.

Background: HRT is very familiar with Dental offices and their needs. This particular client has multiple offices all sharing cloud based PM software. As Microsoft retires Operating Systems, in this example it is Windows 7 and 2008 server, offices are required to transition to modern O.S.’s. Through many years of experience, HRT is able to plan a strategy to minimize downtime while moving the clients to new platforms. Planning and coordinating are important parts of this process and working with this client for many years has given a good line of communication to provide that service efficiently.

Project: Each office in this Organization has individual needs. HRT’s Managed Services and System Agents allow for gathering of system information to provide accurate system reporting and develop a plan to satisfy each office. HRT worked with the Practice Admin’s as well as the Organization Leadership to provide a comprehensive plan of equipment replacement and staged deployment. Each office was transitioned during days when less providers were around or the offices were closed. Projects like these occur often with Hudson River Technologies as their clients need to grow or change. Since HRT provides all of the hardware for these clients it makes the project that much more efficient for each stage.

Outcome: The entire Dental organization is transitioned to Windows 10 and modern server operating systems. The offices are now HIPPA compliant and have a realistic plan for future Microsoft O.S. retirement scenarios. HRT works closely with them and all clients as each client has different needs, budgetary requirements, and planning time.