Overview: A new hotel needs proper infrastructure setup to allow high data flow speeds over a fiber network connecting multiple buildings together and allowing network management with ease

Background: As buildings are designed and built, often times the IT guys are not directly involved with the initial design phases of the project. A focus on aesthetics vs functionality can occur. HRT was brought in to design a network after the project’s initial phases of design, layout, and construction had begun. Utilizing what was available we designed a solid 10GB network that allows minimal loss of connectivity and maximum uptime and bandwidth usage.

Project: The project plan includes working with other Technology vendors. These include running Fiber between buildings, allowing redundancy. Setting up a proper hospitality phone system along with Business phones. HRT brought in security vendors and access control companies. All of this while maintaining communication between vendors to work together for a seamless and smooth network that is robust and allows room for growth.

Outcome: At the end of the project, the Hotel/Resort is left with a Fiber backbone 10GB network with a single Wireless Network for Business and another Guest access only Wireless network. It allows streaming of many devices in each room, common area, and outdoor spaces as required. With redundancy built in for failover, it allows the smooth day to day operation from the business end. Many systems are cloud based and require maximum internet uptime. This project allows for that and gives the ownership the satisfaction of knowing they have HRT locally to help maintain it for a long time to come.