Overview: A staffing company of over 50 users looks to retire their local email server to help satisfy pieces of their Disaster Recovery Policy and allow more remote users to work efficiently. The next logical step was to get their email services to a modern cloud system in Office 365.

Background: Through the many years that this staffing company has worked with Hudson River Technologies, they have followed the, then modern technology standards. Many years back they used POP email systems hosted by local companies. They transitioned to a hosted email server and as growth occurred, the next logical transition was to an on-premise Microsoft Exchange email server. That provided a long, successful, sustainable, email system. But the next big question comes up. What do we do if that server crashes, burns up, is destroyed, etc.? The logical conclusion is to get that email out of your own on-prem server and put it up in the cloud. Secure, reliable, and ever adapting to modern needs.

Project: The transition from an Exchange server to an Office 365 hosted cloud system can be quite a smooth procedure when done correctly. Hudson River Technologies goal is, and always will be to minimize downtime during that transition and to make the official cutover quick and painless. With that in mind, the process of moving the data to Office 365 for this staffing company went by a standard operating procedure that HRT follows to cleanly effect a successful cutover.

Outcome: The staffing company was successfully transitioned to Office 365. All licenses, SPAM and system protections were in place, backup was configured, tested, and functional. HRT remotely installed the necessary Office365 desktop software on end users’ workstations, RDP Servers, and client mobile devices. All done through HRT’s Managed Services Plans. The Exchange server was kept for a while to allow time for data review and checks. Then fully decommissioned and removed from the network. This is one of the list of many satisfied clients with transitions to modern cloud services.