Overview: A long term client of HRT’s is looking to replace their local server network while maintaining inhouse control and maintenance. HRT comes up with a plan that will allow their requests to be fulfilled and plan for the future.

Background: HRT works with many clients in the Insurance industry. Recognizing that changes in Cyber security and other requirements vary and grow year by year, we work with our clients to provide solutions that satisfy their requirements and their wallet. This particular Insurance Agency is larger and maintains storage of their own client data on premise. A few years before Hudson River Technologies transitioned this company to Office 365 from an on-premise Exchange email server. Now the next stage in technological systems was at the door step. The server equipment was due to retire and a new solution for Virtualization was suggested with a backup that would complement it.

Project: The plan included getting Server hardware that can run multiple Virtual Servers on-premise, separating system tasks and allowing for growth, both in storage, and system utilization needs. Software vendors tend to always require more storage, memory, and processing as new versions come out. This allows for that. Additionally HRT needed to have a solution for backup that would allow for much more rapid restore of the Virtual Machines, should something happen to the data or hardware. With a Hybrid solution, that allows both local storage of the Virtual Machines, as well as granular restores (file level, should a user delete or corrupt documents, PDF’s etc). That Hybrid solution has to backup off site to a cloud service. This solution does both and allows this insurance company to have comfort in knowing their data is synchronized securely offsite and encrypted should a Disaster happen to their office.

Outcome: After designing systems that allow for the current need, but estimated growth, HRT got the insurance company moved over to a modern platform. This also allows for a smoother transition to full cloud systems when the client requests it. Backups and restores are tested and the systems run efficiently and have good overhead for the life of the equipment.