Overview: HRT has been working with this Non-Profit for well over a decade. As the Non-Profit has grown, it has had a need in getting internet access to remote offices that they utilize for operations. With the $100,000 estimate given by the only ISP in the area, HRT had to find an alternate solution. Since HRT is very well versed in wireless bridging and has a relationship with many clients in the area, they came up with an innovative plan to get the remote area internet.

Background: HRT has deployed high speed wireless bridging between disconnected buildings and properties for years. This solution was easy to accomplish since HRT maintains long-term, great relationships with many local clients who have access to the ISP that is required. Through an agreement HRT utilized their partnerships to provide wireless bridged internet service to the Non-Profits remote location. In total over 2 miles away.

Project: The project required planning and coordinating with the ISP, the partner location, and the remote Non-profit location. Cabling and infrastructure had to be installed to allow for the wireless bridge. And configuration of all necessary equipment as well.

Outcome: The Non-Profit has been operating on this solution for over 5 years as of 2020 with no issue. HRT’s management of the equipment has helped maintain a successful 100+Mbps consistent internet connection to the remote location. This is another example of how Hudson River Technologies can utilize creativity and existing technologies to help clients near and far.