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Total Network Assessments

Network assessments are an integral part of HRT’s Managed Services. Throughout the year we make ourselves available to our clients to review their systems and identify opportunities to improve functionality, find potential vulnerabilities, and through discussion make plans to expand or upgrade necessary systems and processes.

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Computer and Server Management

Maintaining, updating, and repairing any parts of a network infrastructure, including PCs, Servers, Switches, etc, can be a daunting task. We at HRT have modern tools, and highly trained technicians to help ensure your systems perform effectively and without interruption. We work to give network performance based on every budget. We offer IT project management, consulting and general technical assistance. With systems monitoring, remote and onsite support, installations, and more.

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IT Security Solutions

HRT offers solutions that help protect your overall network. The Endpoint protection is included with your monthly managed services per managed device. Our technicians have the ability to monitor your systems for suspicious activity and continually upgrade protection levels. If requested, we can offer training of your employees to recognize and protect against cyber-attacks. We also offer secure email through Office 365 with Advanced Threat protection options. We put hardware firewalls and offer more cloud managed solutions for protection from Malware, content filtering, etc.

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Backup Solutions

Backing up critical system data is an utmost priority. HRT offers many different solutions to fit your needs. We can provide local only backup, hybrid (local and cloud) solutions, or strictly cloud based. We analyze your data and work with your budget to customize backup solutions that are right for your business. HRT partners with companies such as Barracuda, Veeam, Backup Assist, Backblaze, and more to offer customized backup solutions.