Secure Email and Email protection

HRT works with Microsoft to offer the best in email solutions. Office 365 is a package of options that Microsoft has available. It includes first and foremost, a robust cloud-based email solution. Along with that various levels offer cloud based and desktop versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. Personal storage of 1TB per account as well as a Sharepoint location is included with many tiers of Office 365. HRT offers Advanced Threat protection and SPAM filtering options to go along with the Office 365 suite. And finally backing up the cloud-based email and data in Office 365 is very important and offered as another option. HRT is familiar with all levels of email, from POP, IMAP, Gmail (including G-Suite), etc. Our seasoned professionals can take a look at what you have and work with it or recommend alternate options.


Compliance Risk Management and Audits

HRT has options to run and maintain compliancy standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, and Cyber Insurance on a scheduled basis through network scans, reporting, and remediation

Person holding an orb with the words risk management in the center